Skiathos has a unique atmosphere and the place to stay is the Achladies Apartments. While staying at the Achladies Apartments you will experience the silver sparkle of the sea from your balcony each morning and the sound of birds singing to welcome the new day. In the early part of the evening before dusk, the colour of the sea changes slowly into the most beautiful shades of pink and turquoise creating a relaxing atmosphere.

When there is a full moon, the view from your balcony is magical. The moon shines over the sea, and it brings to mind Homer’s phrase of “the wine-dark sea”. The Achladies Apartments garden trees and goldfish pools attract various species of wild birds from small songbirds and turtle doves to birds of prey like Kestrels.
The large white polar tree that was planted from a branch by us is now the home of our hand raised female Scops owl that each early summer raises her own babies to the delight of our clients and other tourists that watch her feed her young each evening.

The gardens and the flowering trees attract some very lovely butterflies that are wonderful to watch and photograph. The small pools attract various species of dragonflies and damselflies. The evening is a special time of the day when walking through the Achladies Apartments gardens. The fragrant evening and night flowering plants set forth their various scents that blend into an unusual Achladies perfume to experience.